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Long Term Care Planning

As we age, many of us neglect to take into account our own long term care needs when meeting with our estate planning attorney and planning the distribution of our estate. In fact, many existing estate plans do not account for long term care. Often, the focus is solely on the creation of a Will or Trust to pass on inheritance to our beneficiaries. A well-drafted estate plan will take into account that we may require long term care services as we become dependent upon others to assist and provide care for us.

Without a well-considered long term care plan in place, an estate may lose most of its value and there may be little, if any, assets to pass to our loved ones through our Will or Trust. In addition to the financial strain of not having a long term care plan, our loved ones who are providing care and assistance for us can face some really difficult challenges.

Our law firm is committed to helping seniors and their families and has experience developing long term care plans, helping you successfully save your estate from being spent down in order to pay for nursing home costs.

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